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What Kind of Nail Shape is Suitable for You?

Even if you have the most exquisite nail stickers on your nails, even if you have the glossiest top coat in the world, as long as your nail shape doesn’t compliment you, your nails won’t look as good as they ought to be.

Choosing the correct nail shape according to the characteristics of your fingers is important. Find out what nail shape suits you and match pretty nail stickers to your pretty nails today!

1. Round Shaped Nails

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If you’re looking for a nail shape that is easy to maintain, look no further. Round shaped nails are very low maintenance, and they look good for any occasion. This nail shape looks good on anyone, and is especially suitable for those who find it difficult to grow their nails long.

Just square your nails initially, then file your nails while following the natural curve of your finger tips to get beautiful round shaped nails!


2. Oval Shaped Nails

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This nail shape almost took over the world in the late 1900s to early 2000s. It gives your nails a very elegant appearance and makes your fingers look slender. This nail shape is perfect for those with shorter fingers (or those who just want their fingers to look even longer). 

To achieve this nail shape, file around the sides to get an egg-like shape, then file around the edges to smoothen your nails out.

3. Square Shaped Nails

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As the name suggests, these nails are squarely shaped at the tips. With this nail shape, the risk of breaking your nails is greatly lowered since this shape follows the natural width of your nails. This shape is suitable for those with long fingers and wide nail beds.

To get this nail shape, trim your nails, then use a nail filer to shape them straight across. Do clean up the edges in case of any roughness.


4. Squoval Shaped Nails

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This nail shape is a variation of the square and the oval. This shape is easy to manage because of its rounded edges, but it still retains the classiness of the square shaped nails. This nail shape is suitable for any type of fingers, but it compliments ladies who embody understated elegance the most.

To get this shape, shape your nails in an oval first, then shape it across the tip with a nail filer to square it out a little.


5. Almond Shaped Nails

Source:  Unsplash

Similar to the oval shaped nails, this shape is a little more pointed at the top. It is wide at the base and slender along the sides (It looks very similar to an almond, hence the name). This shape is especially suitable for those who wish for their fingers to look longer.

To achieve this shape, find the centre spot at the tip of the nail, then shape both sides so that it makes a peak at the centre point. Do smoothen it out so that there aren’t any sharp edges.

6. Stiletto Shaped Nails

Source: Pinterest

This bold and gorgeous nail shape is very popular among celebrities such as Rihanna. This nail shape gives your nails the appearance of being long and slender. Do note that this nail shape may cause your nails to break when force is applied. This nail shape is not for everyone - those with stronger and healthier nails are more likely to pull it off. 

Find a centre point and start filing from each side to meet the point. File it at a steeper angle than that of almond nails for the tip to be sharp.

Now that you’ve this at the back of your hand (or should I say fingers), pick the nail shape that suits you the most, and start filing away! 



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