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If your nail stickers dropped after a few days, you’ve been wearing it wrong

Ladies, we all know that a man needs to treat a woman right for her to stay. It’s the same for your nail stickers - you've got to treat your nail stickers right for them to stay on. 

If your nail stickers are peeling off after just a few days, you’ve been applying them wrongly. Read on to find out what’s wrong.

Wrong fit

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If the nail stickers you apply on your nails do not fit your nail shape or are too big for your nails, the stickers will stick on your skin - which makes them more prone to peeling off.

Choose nail stickers that fit your nail shape (or you can trim the stickers to fit your nails).

Swimming within 2 days after application

 nail stickers singapore

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Nail stickers take time to fully adhere to your nails. As swimming pools contain high levels of chlorine, the chemicals in the water may disrupt the bonding of your nail stickers to your nails and prevent them from settling down well. 

This will then cause your nail stickers to peel off quicker and last for a shorter time than expected.

Showering immediately after application

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Similarly, taking a shower right after applying your nail stickers also disrupts them from settling down. It is ideal to apply your nail stickers after you showered or to give it a few hours to adhere to your nails before showering.

Not using alcohol swabs before use

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If you do not properly prepare your nails before applying nail stickers, the stickers may peel off in one- or two-day’s time. Built-up dirt and oils could interfere with your nail stickers and prevent them from properly settling down on your nails. 

Rubbing alcohol on your nail’s surface removes oils and gets them ready for the application of nail stickers.

Not Applying Top Coat

If you want your nail stickers to last more than a week, do remember to use a top coat. Applying top coat on your nails after the stickers have settled down will help to seal in your nail stickers better.

Avoid these common mistakes, treat your nail stickers right, and they'll stay on for at least 2 weeks.




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