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6 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Nail Stickers

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Reason 1: All You Need is 10 Minutes

Maybe even less, once you master the art of putting these on. No more sitting in a salon for an hour smelling polish fumes, no more making nail salon appointments, and no more waiting for your nails to dry. Life can be pretty peachy!

Check out our IGTV for a simple application here below

Reason 2: Wear Them in the Order You Like

Our nail stickers are easy to trim – if you want to turn that thumb print sticker into a pinkie or index nail sticker for added flair, go ahead. It’s like a new look each time!

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Reason 3: If You Have Short Nails

You can seriously get your money’s worth if you have short nails – cut your nail stickers in half and use them twice over!

For shorter nails

For longer nails, you can use the full strip

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Reason 4: Mix & Match Different Nail Wrap Sets

If you’re a nail sticker collector like us, you could mix and match solid and patterned nail wrap sets to your taste. Or wear multiple sets at once for an eclectic, never-been-seen-before style.

 You definitely can mix these two sets together as they both come in pastel hued themes!

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Reason 5: Lazy Girls Rejoice

We hate redoing our nails too…which is why all we do when things start to look a little less than ‘Gram-worthy – just file your nails and reapply a top coat. File the top exposed nail off and re-apply a top coat.

It’s like a brand-spanking new manicure, we swear…



Reason 6: No More Damaged Nail Beds

Gel nails or traditional nail polish can weaken your nail bed due to the presence of acetone. This can lead to yellow, brittle, dry and thin nails. Using a nail wrap is a good alternative for keeping your nails healthy and strong!

Convinced yet? If not, maybe you need to be enticed with these gorgeous nail stickers!



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