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5 Tips to Help You File Your Nails Like A Pro

Have you ever been specifically taught on how to file your nails? Filing your nails is such an underrated art that not many of us actually truly understand the importance of a good nail file. 

Well, it’s time to learn how to do a superior file job with these 5 easy tips that’ll help you file your nails like a pro.


1. Imagine Your Nail in Two Sections 

When filing your nails, always start from the outside corner going into the middle of the nail. 

Source of image: Freepik

Try imagining your nail in two sections split from the middle. File one side first and then the other side to complete the shape.


2. Do Not "Saw" Your Nails 

Never file back and forth in a ‘saw-like’ motion. 

When you only file in one direction, it protects the nail from splitting and tearing.


3. Embrace Your Natural Shape 

Embracing what nature gifted you with might be the best call when selecting your nail shape. 

Of course, we always support pursuing whatever look and trend you feel like wearing. However, if you're looking to emulate a celebrity manicurist, it's worth heeding your natural nail shape as you learn to file your nails. 


4. Don’t Go Too Fast

Over-filing is one of the biggest tragedies that can happen to your nails. Always take your time to file so you don't damage your nails.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race.


5. Hold your Hand as if Someone Else is Shaping Them

When filing, always hold your hand as if someone else is shaping them. In other words, you want the tips facing inward and toward you, versus outward and away from you.

Source of image: Freepik

Always double-check the shape as you file by looking at the nail from every angle to get the most even and symmetrical shape.


There’s so many things that we need to look out for to get beautiful fingers. Aside from filing, check our other articles to find out more tips for you to take care of your hands and nails!



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