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5 Flowers That Are Perfect for Your Mother’s Day (other than Carnations)

What do you usually give your mother on Mother’s Day? Is it expensive chocolates, or is it the all-time Mother’s Day favourite, carnations? These make good gifts most of the time, but why not give your special woman a unique bouquet (that is not carnations) to show her how much you care about her? No woman can resist a beautiful bouquet. 

Here’s 5 types of flowers that are perfect to include in your Mother’s Day Bouquet this year:

1. Cotton Flower

Source: Unsplash

The squishy and fluffy cotton flower probably isn’t the first flower that you’ll think of when it comes to Mother’s Day. However, this odd yet stunning flower carries the symbolic meaning of cherishing the people around you, and as a promise of wealth and well-being. 

These white or cream-tinted puffs are not only perfect as a decoration on its own, but they add elegance to bouquets when paired with other flowers such as roses, baby breaths, and foliages. You can definitely light up a smile on your Mum’s face with a fine selection of cotton flowers.

2. Roses

Source: Unsplash

Which woman doesn’t love roses? Roses are a classic, which make them a great gift for the mother. Skip the red, which is typically the symbol of romantic love, and opt for other coloured roses!

Pink roses represent appreciation and love; yellow or orange roses express feelings of joy and gratitude; white roses symbolise purity; cream-coloured roses symbolise thoughtfulness.


3. Banksia or Protea

Source: Unsplash

There is simply something beautiful and mysterious about the appearance of these flowers, which makes them a perfect gift for someone equally unique.

Banksia symbolises the giving of life, longevity, and wisdom of age, while protea represents courage and overcoming obstacles to make a difference in the world.

If you were a difficult child to raise, you should probably mix some banksia and protea into the bouquet.


4. Eucalyptus leaves

Source: Unsplash

The name Eucalyptus, meaning “well-concealed”, comes from the Greek words eu, which means “well”, and kaluptos, which means “conceal”. This was inspired by the protective cap that covers the sensitive male stamens until they are ready to burst forth into beautiful, tassel-like flowers.

The leaves have a purifying effect, and can chase away negative energies when you burn them. You can brighten up your Mum’s day by adding a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves into your bouquet.


5. Wheat

Source: Unsplash

The harvesting of wheat is a sign of advanced love and charity, and it is a symbol of abundance and life. Sounds perfect for the woman who brought you into this world, don’t you think? 

Like cotton flowers, wheat also acts as a great decoration to other flowers and looks best in a bouquet.

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Let’s go beyond the standard chocolates and carnations this year and give our Mum a delightful surprise, shall we? 



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