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5 best travel-themed nail stickers for Singapore wanderlusters

If this was a ‘normal’ December, we’d be travelling to celebrate the end of 2020. But we’re stuck in Singapore this year. Nevertheless, we can have the world at our fingertips with these nail stickers, inspired by cities and great places around the world. Perfect for all Singapore wanderlusters who are craving to escape reality overseas.


1. Santorini

santorini nail stickers

This nail look is inspired by the turquoise blue seas and clear blue skies of Santorini. Don’t let the blues get you down and cheer up instantly with these dreamy nail stickers! Match with a nude, white, or black outfit for best effect.
Get Santorini here.


2. Sent to Dunes

sent to dunes nail stickers

For those of us without the fortune of visiting the grand dunes of the Sahara Desert or the Great Plains, these nail stickers are the closest we can get. Golden brown landscapes, warm sunshine, and the occasional camel - ah, it’s like travelling the world in the palm of your hand.
Get Sent to Dunes here.


3. First Snow

first snow nail stickers

There ain’t winter in Singapore, but we can dream of a snowy white Christmas, where we huddle by the fireplace and sip steaming mugs of cocoa. Live out some of that classic Christmas spirit with these gorgeous snow-inspired nail stickers!
Get First Snow here.


4. Orbit

orbit nail stickers

A deep cosmic cobalt blue design runs through the bed of these nail stickers, streaked with a sea of stars for any wish. These galaxy-themed nail stickers will take you through your mundane day-to-day! Great for whimsical dreamers who have their head in the clouds, but feet on the ground.
Get Orbit here.


5. Great Waves

great waves nail stickers

Surf this blue-on-blue-on-blue hue combo! This channels a summery beach vibe, reminiscent of golden sands, the vast lapping sea, and an ice-cold drink in hand. Slip on these nail stickers to make a splash with your outfit.
Get Great Waves here.


With nail art, the world is literally at our fingertips. Loved these nail sticker designs? Shop more on Emery & Co!



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