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4 Outfit Styling Tips For Ladies in Singapore to Match with Your Nail Stickers

There are a few parts to a perfect outfit: hair, clothes, makeup, and nails. And with so many things to consider, it can be tricky matching up every part of your ensemble. To help, here are some easy outfit styling tips for ladies in Singapore to match your outfit and nail stickers that’ll elevate your look from great to ‘on fire’.


1. Match the colours
sight of solis
The most straightforward way to match your outfit and nails is to wear an outfit in the same colour as your nails. So if there’s some white in your nail art design, put on a white top to match! You can experiment with colour blocking too. For instance, wear a white top with a mustard yellow skirt or yellow heels to add that pop of colour. Shop Emery & Co’s Sight of Solis nail stickers here!


2. Wear a neutral coloured top
o what a peach

Want to wear a colourful set of nail stickers? Then go for a neutral coloured long-sleeved top and let your nail art design be the star of your outfit! Go for something in black, white, or beige, even if your nails aren’t in any of those colours. The neutral colours will contrast against the nail art and make your nails pop. Shop Emery & Co’s O, What A Peach! nail stickers here!


3. Shimmery textures
pina colada

Experiment with textures too. If your nails have a glossy topcoat, slip on a shawl with a shimmery texture. This way, both your outfit and nails will pair in overall look. A bit of shine also adds a touch of elegance to your overall getup! This works especially well when you want to go from work to a dinner date. Shop Emery & Co’s Pina Colada nail art stickers here!


4. Add a touch of posh with faux fur
purple prose

If you want to look extra elegant for a lavish dinner appointment, wear a faux fur top in the same colour as your nails. Faux fur looks luxurious and will make your outfit look great! Tip: match it with a purple set of nails, ‘cause purple means royalty and wealth. Try a faux fur crop top that won’t have you sweating buckets in Singapore’s hot weather. Or opt for a shawl if you want to cover up a bit more. Shop Emery & Co’s Purple Prose nail stickers here!


All in all, choosing the perfect outfit to match with your nails doesn’t have to be tricky. Try these outfit tips to match anything in your wardrobe with your nails and glam up effortlessly.

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