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4 myths about nail stickers debunked!

nail stickers singapore myths debunked


If you’re a lady who loves her regular manicure, you might have heard some nuggets of nail trivia from beauticians. But not all of these pearls of ‘wisdom’ are true. We’re here to debunk some myths about one type of manicure, nail stickers, so you can enjoy your nail care session without worrying!


Myth 1: Nail stickers are not long-lasting and fall off easily

Truth: Nail stickers can last up to 3 weeks! Good quality nail stickers are developed to last through the routines of everyday life, like cleaning and typing. Apply a top coat to make your nail stickers last even longer.


Myth 2: Nail stickers might not fit your nails

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Truth: The size of the nail sticker you choose for each finger matters! Pick a nail sticker that’s smaller than your nail. This way, it’ll cover the nail completely, not the cuticles (the transparent skin near the base of your nails) or flesh, so it can last longer. It’s important to find the right fit.


Myth 3: Nail stickers should be removed occasionally to let your nails breathe

Truth: Nails are dead cells, so they don’t need to breathe. Your nail beds (the pink part of your nails) do need oxygen, but they get oxygen from the blood supply, not the air.


Myth 4: Nail stickers damage your nails

nail stickers singapore

Truth: It’s usually the application and removal process of nail stickers that damages the nails, not the products. So it’s important to research and use the proper technique when filing your nails and applying nail stickers!


Now that you’ve cleared up some nail misconceptions, ready to dip your toes fingers into the world of nail stickers? Shop Emery & Co’s nail styles here!



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